Maxoxidil Pro

Packed with 6 powerful active ingredients (and a little bit of proprietary magic), this is the hair loss solution that we know you've been searching for. It just works, and once you've read more about it you'll understand why.

  • Increases blood flow and stimulates hair growth with 5% Minoxidil

  • Topical finasteride blocks DHT directly in the scalp

  • Triples your results with the free Dermaroller and Scalp Brush

  • 6 active ingredients work together to supercharge regrowth

Maxoxidil Pro
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Stimulates growth for thicker, denser hair

Blocks DHT, stopping further hair loss

Backed by science,

we guarantee results

Synergistic ingredients supercharge hair growth

Our Mission

Develop the ultimate hair regrowth treatment

"What would happen if you could combine all of the most powerful hair growth ingredients into one formula?

That's the question we asked ourselves exactly 18 months ago. Since then we've spent months researching, consulting, and testing. We finally narrowed our formula down to the 6 best active ingredients we could find. 

We've also added a touch of magic with our proprietary Absorbigen Complex™, which improves results further still by enhancing the penetration of the active ingredients through the outer layer of the skin.

The Best Of The Best

We only use ingredients scientifically-proven to work

Our ingredients have been tested through hundreds of independent clinical studies. They're proven to be effective for hair growth, especially when combined together. Learn more about our amazing active ingredients below.

5% Minoxidil

Minoxidil is the only FDA-approved topical drug for hair loss. It's been shown in numerous studies to increase hair growth and stimulate blood flow.

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0.1% Topical Finasteride

Oral finasteride is FDA-approved for the treatment of hair loss. It works be blocking the 5-alpha reductase enzyme, stopping it from producing DHT. The problem with this approach is that DHT is blocked throughout the whole body, which can then result in side-effects for some men. To combat this, instead of asking customers to take oral finasteride, we simply include in our topical formula. This means the effects are generally localised to just the scalp, instead of the whole body.

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Tretinoin works in two ways. Firstly, it stimulates hair growth on it's own. Secondly, it's also been shown to enhance the effectiveness of Minoxidil when combined together. That's exactly why we've included this amazing ingredient.

Read the study >


Melatonin has been shown to stimulate hair growth to a similar degree as Minoxidil when used topically.

Read the study >


Adenosine has been shown in multiple studies to significantly increase hair growth. In one study growth increased by 40% in just 6 weeks. Adenosine has also been shown to work synergistically with Caffeine.

Read the study >


Caffeine has been shown in multiple studies to both stimulate hair growth and block DHT, making it a powerful addition to any topical treatment.

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Maximise Your Hair Growth

Triple your results with the free Dermaroller and Scalp Brush

It's not often you can triple the effectiveness of a treatment with just a couple of tweaks. Yet that's exactly what Dermarolling has been shown to do for hair loss. 

That's why we include it with your first order of Maxoxidil Pro for free. Oh, and you'll also get a free Scalp Brush too for exfoliating dead skin that hinders absorption of the serum.

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The World's Most Advanced Regrowth Topical

  • Easy to apply, dries quickly, non-greasy

  • 5 active ingredients stimulate anagen (growth) phase

  • Topical finasteride blocks DHT directly at the hair follicle

  • Proprietary Absorbigen Complex™ enhances penetration

  • Triple your results with the free Dermaroller

Maxoxidil Pro
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Quick And Easy

Step 1:

Brush your scalp for 2 - 3 minutes each evening

Step 2:

Apply Maxoxidil Pro to thinning areas and rub in

Step 3:

Use the Dermaroller once per week

Deepak's Journey

Timeframe: 8 months

"The results even after 4 months have really surprised me, given I'm over 40 with years of thinning. My very sparse crown has seen a noticeable thickening with similar thickening over my entire scalp. The protocol has been very easy to follow."

Results You Can See And Feel Or Your Money Back - 100% Risk Free!

Maxoxidil Pro comes with our 180 Day Guarantee. So, if there's any reason you aren't happy with your purchase in the next 180 days simply let us know and we'll issue you a 100% refund on-the-spot .


How long will it take to see results?

For the typical hair follicle to transition from resting to growth phase is 90 days, so you should begin to notice a difference within 3 months. However, results will be different for each individual.

Will Maxoxidil Pro work for my hair type?

Maxoxidil Pro was designed to stimulate hair growth for all hair types. And since the underlying cause of hair loss is the same for everyone with pattern hair loss, you should benefit from the product regardless of your ethnicity and hair type.

In general, you should be able to tell if Maxoxidil Pro is working for you after 3 months, but we recommend using the product for at least 6 months to get the most out of it.

Please note: Maxoxidil Pro is not suitable for women, or men with partners who are breastfeeding, pregnant, or trying to get pregnant.

What is the Absorbigen Complex™?

The Absorbigen Complex™ helps the active ingredients penetrate through the outer layer of the skin to the hair follicle. It does so by gently increasing the permeability of the skin. This allows each ingredient to exert more of an effect, which in turn means you'll get even better results.

Are there any side-effects?

Maxoxidil Pro is a prescription-only treatment since some of the ingredients can cause side-effects in some people.

Although the chances of side-effects are rare, it is still possible.

The most common side-effects include irritation and headaches. If you have any side-effects please stop using the medication and contact Hairguard immediately.

What is the full list of ingredients?

Maxoxidil Pro contains the following ingredients: 

Minoxidil, Finasteride, Melatonin, Tretinoin, Adenosine, Caffeine, Water, Alcohol, Oleic Acid, Linoleic Acid, Propylene Glycol.

How is Maxoxidil Pro different from other products?

Hair loss is an extremely complex disease that is very hard to stop. As such, most treatments fall short because they don't do a good enough job of fixing the underlying issues. 

On the other hand, Maxoxidil Pro uses sophisticated, scientifically-proven ingredients to stimulate hair growth and block DHT simultaneously. We also provide a free Dermaroller with your order to help reverse fibrosis and stimulate tissue repair. This is something you don't get with other treatments as standard.

How can we help?

We're here to help you. Chat with our customer support team Monday - Friday.

You can also contact us via email: