The New Way To Fix Hair Loss

Discover the revolutionary new way to regrow your hair with 3 simple steps. Watch the video to find out more.

3 Simple But Powerful Steps

Treat The True Cause Of Hair Loss Across The 3 Layers Of The Scalp

Brush & apply topical

Every evening brush your scalp for 5 minutes and then apply the topical you'll choose below. 
Step 1 complete.


1x per week use the dermaroller on any areas of your scalp where you want more hair.
Step 2 complete.


For 20 minutes per day, use the Growband to reduce tension throughout the entire scalp.
Step 3 complete.

Want to learn more about The 3 Layer System™?

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Reduced blood supply and growth space to the hair follicle is the true root cause of hair loss and takes place across the 3 layers of the scalp.

In our new book, now available free, we explain all the science behind this, citing over 30 scientific studies and bringing them together into a simple and easy to understand model.

In Chapter 2 we go into detail on the steps needed to improve hair follicle blood supply and growth space throughout the layers of the scalp, to truly fix hair loss at the root cause.

You will also learn why this means your hair will continue to improve over time, unlike 1-Level treatments like generic minoxidil which typically plateau after 12 months.

Finally, read more about my journey  and discovery of the 3-Layer System.